Battery sytems

Greener Power Solutions delivers (temporary) on and off-grid battery power; independent of or in combination with other energy sources (such as a grid connection or gensets).

Peak Shaving

Greener’s battery systems are used to accommodate temporary power peaks (peak-shaving). This is done to boost existing grid connections or to reduce the gensets needed on events.


Thanks to the high peak power of our systems, we can offer a quiet and clean alternative for gensets on events, construction sites, airports, harbours, exc.

Grid connection
Greener batteries allow grid connections (50-400 ampere, 3 phase) to become valuable energy assets to power events. The grid is used to keep the battery charged, while the battery catches the power peaks demanded by the stage, lights and food trucks.

Peak shaving on the grid is the quickest way to achieve an emission–free event. It can save up to 30% on costs compared to running traditional diesel generators.

Diesel generator
Currently, 80% of the generators used at events run below 20% of their capacity. Their unused energy is lost in heat and friction. Such a waste!
The storage capacity of Greener batteries helps generators run optimally, regardless of temporary peaks in the energy demand. This reduces the running hours of the engine up to 85%, significantly lowering noise and smell disturbances to the environment. And achieving  fuel savings up to 60%!

Renewable power
It is well known that the weather and the time of day dictate the generation of renewable energy, while the consumption of energy is subjected to human behavior. Our batteries can bridge the discrepancy between the production and demand by storing renewable energy and releasing it when it is needed. The battery is the perfect buffer when you are entirely dependent on renewable energy!



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