GreenBattery replaces dirty generators

Aug 27, 2018

Supply, demand

Noisy, dirty diesel generators are no longer needed. Another big advantage is that the green batteries also can play an important role to catch the peaks in the power grid by linking the batteries to the grid. It can contribute to the stability of the grid.

For the supply of batteries, Energy giant Nuon is collaborating with the startup GreenBattery, active since 2015 with green batteries.

Entrepreneur Han Huiskamp is optimistic about the future:

“The next 3 years we will intensify our cooperation with Nuon to make a success of the green battery. Nuon is a major player in the energy world with a network of green charging locations. Per battery system we decrease the consumption of 62,000 liters of diesel and 159,000 kg of CO2-emissions per year! The green battery fits seamlessly into the sustainability policy events, construction companies and municipalities.”

Nuon and StartUp GreenBattery think the battery capacity should be sufficient.

They are going to let the Green Battery to festival organizations and local governments.

  • The batteries are half a large shipping container and will be charged with solar and wind power.

During tests at dance festivals Mysteryland and Awakenings, the batteries already proved their success. Energy supplier Nuon and GreenBattery started with the rental of five batteries. They intent to increase that number this year to six large and ten small.
GreenBattery advantages

  • The Battery avoids CO2 emissions, NOx and other small particulars and soot in the city
  • The Battery produces virtually no noise
  • This is very useful in nature and at film locations. But also in the city because when it runs at night it’s very quiet
  • Green Battery systems are to be recharged with renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panel
  • The Battery delivers sustainable energy in off grid places. For example, at festivals, sporting events or construction sites
  • Each and every power capacity can be provided by the modular system