Celebrate Energy

Aug 27, 2018

Every year the Dutch festival organizers use around 12-15 million liters to power their events. This costs the events 25 million euro, only on energy supply. 10 million euro is for rental of material, logistics and labour. And 15 million euro for the fuel in the Netherlands alone. In Europe the costs add up to 500 million euro for rental equipment alone. Which makes this market even more interesting.

The Netherlands are famous for their organising skills when it comes to festivals. We can use this leading position to innovate the field of festival production. And, after proven performance, introduce and promote these innovations to the rest of the world. All with the ambition to make the festival industry more sustainable. And, when successful, the spin-off to other industries like construction sites, off shore locations and even refugee camps is a small step away.

With Celebrate Energy we focus on the energy supply and specified two main goals:

• Primarily, we are looking for solutions to significant lower the CO2-emission (by a minimum of 20%) to apply during public events by energy innovations

• Secondary, we are looking for a replacement of the current diesel generator during public events that by using renewable energy sources